BoBa Oasis

Boba tea in Eagan, MN 55122

Where Every Sip is a Journey

Here, tradition meets innovation in every cup, crafting not just drinks, but moments of joy and refreshment tailored to your taste.

Why Boba Oasis Stands Out

Unparalleled Quality

Every drink at Boba Oasis is crafted from premium, freshly brewed teas and the highest quality ingredients sourced globally.

Innovation Meets Tradition

From classic milk teas to inventive flavors and seasonal specials, we’re constantly innovating while respecting traditional tastes.

Community and Culture

Boba Oasis isn’t just a tea shop; it’s a vibrant community hub. We celebrate the rich cultural heritage of boba with events, workshops, and more.
Joy in Every Taste

Our Menu

Boba Oasis believes that happiness is found in the smallest details, especially in the flavors we offer. Each beverage is a blend of quality ingredients, exotic flavors, and the pure joy of discovering your new favorite drink.
Signature Milk Tea
Size M: $4.95
Size L: $5.95
Jasmine Milk Tea
Size M: $4.95
Size L: $5.95
Thai Milk Tea
Size M: $4.95
Size L: $5.95
Green Thai Milk Tea
Size M: $4.95
Size L: $5.95
Taro Milk Tea
Size M: $4.95
Size L: $5.95
Avocado Milk Tea
Size M: $4.95
Size L: $5.95
Butterfly Flower Milk Tea
Size M: $4.95
Size L: $5.95


Testimonials That Speak Volumes

Boba Oasis is my happy place! The unique flavors and friendly staff always make my day.

Sakira Kent
I thought I knew good boba tea until I tried Boba Oasis in Eagan, MN 55122. The Golden Honey Boba is a game-changer!
Their commitment to quality is unmatched. Fresh, flavorful, and absolutely addictive!

Denisha Joe
Boba Oasis isn't just about great drinks; it's about the experience. It's become a part of my weekly routine.